Shop Downtown…You could Live Longer

When I was a kid we shopped along the Danforth.  It was about 15 minutes walk through the hilly park then up a residential street.  My mother was stoic in her pursuit of “Dressland”.  We went winter/summer/sleet/snow/rain.  It was here that Richard probably received his first tutorial in matching colours and textures.  I spent most of these trips dreaming of the reward…a visit to the German Deli and the French Bakery. In the Italian village of Campodimele life expectancy is 95 years versus our 75 years.  Their secret is walking hills to the city centre (cars cannot get there) coupled of course with their mediterranean diet .  My mom is now 85 and my dad is 90.    Glam Vintage & Moderne is on a gentle slope that is Walton Street Port Hope.   Queenie’s, the French Bakery is just down the street.


One thought on “Shop Downtown…You could Live Longer

  1. Wow! Our parent’s ages match. Dad at 90 walks about 4 – 6 km per day. Quite fit. Some people think that he is 65 – 70 years. Loved that Broadview/Danforth area. Queenies rocks and Glam is quite splendid. Thanks for the story and poke to walk more. See… inspiration does live at Glam Vintage & Moderene

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