From a Thorn to a Rose

Here’s proof that the thorn can become a rose and a sow’s ear can be turned to a silk purse after all.  Glam Vintage & Moderne bought 4 of these seemingly boring walnut chairs with caning.  Even I knew the old seat cushions would have to go.

So with a couple of different clients in mind,  Richard (proprietor/decorator/brother) thought he’d break them up into 2 pairs and  re-invent them 2 ways.  Inspired by Para’s Colour Trends for 2012, he chose  a red called “Hottie” for one set and creamy “Hoola Hoop” for the other.  The seat cushions and backs were recovered in Joanne’s embossed Winslow and Maxwell’s diamond Lafayette respectively.

In the store, the “Hottie” chairs hogged most of the  customer attention but the stately neutrality of the “Hoola Hoop”  chairs sold their way out of the door first.

Just got a similar vintage chair in.  Richard is thinking of refreshing it in Para’s yellow-green aptly named “By George You’ve Got it” and adding a funky patterned coordinating custom seat cushion.  I think a punch of summer citrus would be just right.

“By George You’ve Got It”

and “By George” here’s proof that we do!


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