Exterior Glam

Exterior Drapery from Glam Vintage & Moderne

Outdoor draperies traditionally adorn poolside cabanas providing privacy and a respite from the sun.  In recent years the selection of guaranteed fade resistant outdoor fabric  has opened up the realm of possibilities.  Traditional verandas are getting the “treatment” by adding drapery to create a grand elegance and charm.

The tasteful artist owner of this Port Hope “Ontario Cottage” knew exactly what he wanted and Richard the decorator just had to concur.  The crisp black and white woodwork provides a coordinated  backdrop to the wide black and cream stripe.  Heavy black rustproof rods for exterior use anchor the grometted curtains on top and velcro tabs hold the curtain in place at the bottom on a windy day.  A tidy retro stainless steel mailbox along with a white on black number sign complete the clean harmonious look.

Outdoor Drapery from Glam Vintage & Moderne, Stainless mailbox on-line at Walsh Mountain Ironworks


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