3 Lessons on Knob Kismet

Retro Off White Console at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Unfortunately Richard had this retro console lacquered in soft grey white apres “the before shot” (and I told him to “stop doing that”) Lesson 1: always take a before shot.

Juxtaposing these intricate vintage mercury glass knobs against the clean 60’s retro lines of this piece is something that wouldn’t have occurred to most of us wannabe decorators.  Richard purchased these knobs well in advance of this console in anticipation of  this eventual opportunity. Call this Lesson 2;  buy pretty hardware even if you don’t know when you’ll use it.

Vintage Mercury Glass Knobs

Lesson 3 is create your tablescape to repeat the tasteful contrast between console and knobs. The white cockatiel and the artichoke look chalky soft against the sparkle of mottled glass lamp, mirrored box, chrome candelabra and sparkly knobs.


One thought on “3 Lessons on Knob Kismet

  1. Love the above. If someone would buy my tea wagon, I’d put the console behind the loveseat you sold me along with the mottled mercury lamp. Then I could also buy those white whatcamacallits (3 of them) with the same scent. It would look very pretty.

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