Digging for Diamonds

Mid-Century Chinoiserie End Tables at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Floating Chinoiserie End Table Top

Most of us look but we don’t investigate “beyond our noses”.  We march around stores finding things at eye level and quite often miss the buried gems.  Richard found this pair of  mid-century chinoiserie end tables supporting a large mirror leaned against the wall in an antique store.

I’m looking at (or in) the mirror while he’s looking at the neglected pieces holding it up.  Even if I had discovered them I think I might have dismissed them because the gold foil treatment was spackled across the top reminiscent of a bad 1980’s sponge paint technique.   Richard left the trim in gorgeous gold foil and painted out the surface in gloss black lacquer.

And here I thought there was no saving them.

(That’s ok because Deepak Chopra is teaching me to focus on the things I’m good at)


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