Work your Pouffe

Ottoman from Jane Lockhart Collection at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Ottoman with Distressed Tray Topping

A large round tufted ottoman takes up a good portion of  a room’s square footage.  If you don’t have a vacuous living room you really don’t have the luxury of letting this gorgeous piece sit idle waiting for the next party. Sizeable trays are often used to provide that flat surface needed for drinks, bowls,  vases, and art objects.  Hopefully the tray’s rim conceals the all important clicker mechanism.

Another flat surface option is to use a heavy piece of glass cut smaller than the ottoman.  This clean treatment allows the sumptuous pouffe to take “centre stage” and objects, like the remote hidden in a pretty box, to take on a supporting role.

Ottoman with Octagonal Glass Top


2 thoughts on “Work your Pouffe

  1. I’ve always wanted a round ottoman but need to have a tray — and large round trays are a challenge to find. It is a brilliant idea to put glass on it (just like you would with a table). Octagonal glass looks fabulous! Love this Robert!

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