Choose Organic for your Tabletop

Porcelain Flower Diffusers

Geranium Leaf Bowls

The other day I heard yet another decorating “rule”.  This one says every tablescape should have at least one thing that’s organic on it (and they don’t mean produce).  I take it the rule means “characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms”.  Based on this definition I think you are pretty safe with anything that represents natural plants or organisms and items made from a natural substance (wood, marble etc) .

As I look around Glam Vintage & Moderne I see that Richard has actually done this probably subconsciously because I know he would scoff at this new rule gleaned from a home decorating show.  Including something organic is almost unavoidable.

Popular objets d’art are pheasants, coral, artichokes, leaves, flowers, and anything made of natural materials like wood, iron and marble. I’d say it’s pretty hard not to conform.

Pheasants Over Glass


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