Men in Chairs

My partner is an adult…I think.  Yet when we go to grocery shop he jumps on the cart and rides it to the car and still balances our kitchen chairs on their 2 spindly swedish back legs.  Imagine my surprise when an even larger dinner guest did the same thing and cracked the chair’s flimsy little foreign back. Furthermore, my eclectic mix of dining chairs include the trendy french tolix ones and my bum is killing me.

Felicia Chair by Statum Designs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I have been looking at Statum Designs high quality dining chairs but I love too many fabrics and have yet to narrow  it down to one.  Richard just brought this “Felicia chair” in which would be great for more traditional or transitional spaces as a head dining chair or an occasional chair.  I am looking for QUALITY and COMFORT.  Yes you pay more but you will never have to hear the embarrassing crack of wood-like material splitting over dinner.  Statum’s site says: “A combination of hardwood, softwood and engineered wood products are kiln dried or air dried to ensure the integrity of the frame. All critical joints are double dowelled, stapled or screwed and glued for maximum strength”.   I’M SOOOOO IN!


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