Top 5 Reasons to Come to Port Hope this Weekend

1. The Port Hope annual house tour is on Saturday and tickets are still available.  This is your annual chance to see inside great houses without actually having to befriend the occupants.

2.  Glam Vintage & Moderne’s touches are evident in some of the homes.  Experience  Richard’s influence in some real living spaces then come to his store and explore the possibilities.

3.  Even if you don’t buy tickets, amazing weather will make a walking tour of Port Hope even more enjoyable.  Wander down some of the older streets and gawk at amazing pre-confederation architecture.  Watch the fisherman on the Ganaraska River.  Walk the Waterfront Trail .

4. Treat yourself to lunch, drink(s) or cappuccino outside on a patio.

This is actually a sidewalk cafe in Paris. Port Hope’s patio’s are really nice too, but since Richard was consulted on some of Port Hope’s restaurants’ interiors…he didn’t want to appear biased.

5.  Shop Ontario’s best stocked and “best preserved main street”.


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