Meet Jane At GLAM

Jane Lockhart Interior Designer

Join us at  GLAM Vintage & Moderne on            Saturday, October 6, 2012  2 – 4 pm

        share the afternoon with

               Jane Lockhart

Interior Designer & host of W Network’s Colour Confidential

And if that’s not enough…YOU COULD WIN a gorgeous Downey Chair (in a woven terra cotta fabric with tack detailing) provided by Statum Designs, the Canadian manufacturer of Jane Lockhart’s furniture line.

Downey Chair by Jane Lockhart for Statum Designs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Assuming we can eliminate fishing, where else could you have this much fun, receive expert advice and win something big in Port Hope for free?  See you at Glam Vintage & Moderne, 48 Walton St., Port Hope, Ontario


3 thoughts on “Meet Jane At GLAM

  1. My family and I were visiting the area on Sat and just happened into you store. First what an amazing selecion and very friendly. I did notice Jane on the couch and yes i was star struck…but not that she was a celeb that wow want an oppertunity to get great design ideas. Now that we are on the market in the Port Hope area i was sad to say at this point there is no changing the exisitng home other than neutrals to make it appealing for buyers YUCK. I like my home to make a statement classy with pop… Now in a few months we will have a new place to make our own

    With hopfully becoming a local in the next 12 months count me in as a regular to check out the great selection. 🙂

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