The Spirit of ChristmasTree Decorating 101

Glam Christmas Tree Close-up

Glam Vintage & Moderne’s Christmas Tree Decorations

1.  Start with one really great bauble/ornament inspiration piece:  In this case Richard loved the whimsical sparkly glass fish ornament.

2.  Purchase or scavenge other pieces using the same colours that are found in said inspiration piece.  Limiting oneself to the colours found in the whimsical fish…hot pink to fuchsia and gold helps keep you focused and may even keep you on budget.

3.  Place the clear white mini lights in an even distribution on all parts of the tree.  Always remember to just say “:no” to coloured lights.

4. Garlands are next.  Richard chose a sparkling flexible rope-like garland in both colours.  Note they are not placed in the contrived evenly spaced wavy rows of days gone by.

5.  Make your own bows like Richard did,  but we won’t go into this here.  There are too many “how to’s” on the internet on this subject already.

6.  Place various sized glittering balls and ornaments sporadically on tree.

7.  Give the tree to Charity.  The Festival of Trees starts tonight at the Capitol Theatre is Port Hope.  You can bid on Richard’s tree during the next few weeks.  All the money raised goes to Charity.

Glam Christmas Tree 2012

Christmas Tree Designed by Glam Vintage & Moderne


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