Upcycled Fir

Reclaimed fir side table

Reclaimed Fir Side Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

What says Christmas louder than a fir tree?  How about a pedestal table made from “reclaimed fir”?

There are 2 sides to the Christmas tree debate.  Some feel “it’s green” to  have a fake tree because no trees were destroyed and you can use the same tree year after year.  The downside is that it will ultimately end up in landfill unless you retain it until it’s vintage and worth something ( har har).

The “truly green” support the fir growers and buy a real fresh fir tree that eventually decomposes or used in the building industry.

The ” OMG I’m so green” may opt out of the fir tree and opt for a gorgeous “reclaimed vintage fir” side table and place a classic festive faux arrangement (which can be stored into perpetuity) upon it… like this.

christmas arrangement

Christmas Arrangement by Glam Vintage & Moderne


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