And Now for Something Completely Different!

Classic Deco Vanity rejuvenated by Glam Vintage & Moderne

Classic Deco Vanity Rejuvenated by Richard of Glam Vintage & Moderne

Here are some things that are completely different” about this “outside the box” bathroom designed by Richard of Glam Vintage and Moderne:

1.  The first “outside the box idea”:  Richard had the classic deco vanity painted with automotive paint followed by a waterproof clear coat. (Silver Cloud Rolls Royce …no less)

silver cloud rolls royce

Vintage Vanity with Layered Mirrors Close-up2. Another “outside the box idea”:   Rather than installing one mirror behind the vanity,  Richard has “layered” large antique mirrors against the back wall.  Then repeated the layering effect with small vintage pedestal mirrors.

Vanity fitted with pullout shelves

3.  Finally the “inside the big box” ideas.  A chunky square vintage styled vessel sink with goosenecked faucet (from a big box store) echos the styling of the vanity below it.  And handy pullout shelving was installed inside the vanity doors. Found treasures from a “ubiquitous big box purveyor” prove that possibilities are everywhere.


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