Richard’s Top 3 Floridian Inspirations

Most Northerners wouldn’t think that great design inspiration could be found in “of all places” Florida but Richard found lots of amazing new ideas he’s sure to execute.  Here are his top 3:

1) Wall medallions –  Up until now most of us thought a single medallion added interest to the centre of a ceiling and flourish to an electrical box for a pendant or chandelier.  Look what can happen when add a few more…

Medallions on Wall and Ceiling

Medallions on Walls and Ceiling in Naples Florida Restaurant

2.  Living Walls –  A metal trellis attached to an outside wall can bring life to a patio and hide an ugly wall or fence.  In Florida almost anything will do this Canada this can be accomplished with winter hardy Euonymus or even ivy in some zones

Masa Living Walls

Living Walls in Naples Florida

3.  Go Big or GO HOME!

Masa Lamp

Richard under a Massive Floor Lamp/Heater in Naples, Florida

Key West Guest House Bon Homme

Large Air Filled Bon Homme Squeezed onto Guest House in Key West Florida

Supersize it for maximum impact!Key West Guest house


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