Making your Bed can be Beautiful

Modern Bed SetSome modern duvets and pillows look fresh in a sloppy sort of way.  It’s like the big puffy duvet won’t lie down to create a level tidy surface. Then the shammed pillows are usually just laying there all crinkly and flat.  This really has a style I’ll call “dormitory”.   Real men tend to embrace this look.

We are all grownups here and I think it’s time to confine this look to the kids room or cottage.  In the new year I resolve to make my bed beautiful.

New Bedding at Glam Vintage & Moderne

New Bedding at Glam Vintage & Moderne

verona-quilt-set-main large

New Bedding available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Richard has a great new Australian bedding supplier!  Exciting colour ways at affordable prices.  Also he’s still got some stock in luxurious Eastern Accents bedding on sale (see my earlier blog about this).

Upgrading my boudoir style from “dorm” to “sophisticated” is now possible and probable…(but it takes 2 to keep the bed made)


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