The Glam Inventory Police

His Walk In ClosetSince most of us must function in smaller spaces and cannot just buy more space in which to put stuff…we are forced to edit stuff.   My partner suggested that every time I buy new clothing I should get rid of something instead of hungrily eyeing his wardrobe space.  This is a preposterous concept when it comes to clothing but I can see its validity as it pertains to decor.

Old lady in her houseStuffing ones house full of furniture, art and sentimental oddities can make your house look like the proverbial old lady’s lair.  This is a great time of year to stand back and try to objectively asess your place.

Ask yourself these questions:   What’s important?  What’s useless but makes the room work?  What needs updating?  What would make the space flow better? What’s truly useless and ugly (dare I say clutter)?

Even if you can answer these questions objectively, do you know how to update the look within budget?  Before you spend more money call in a truly discerning and experienced observer.  Richard from Glam Vintage & Moderne will give you the honest answer and make you look forward to the trip.

Condo LR & DR

Condo Living Room and Dining Room by Glam Vintage & Moderne

Custom Blinds, Drapery & Sofa 1

Decor Update from Glam Vintage & Moderne


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