Blurry Fleury

Martha Fleury Composition

Martha Fleury Composition at Glam Vintage & Moderne in partnership with Engine Gallery Toronto

My immediate reaction to Martha Fleury’s composition was just what the artist hoped to evoke.   I tried to put names to the neighbourhood kids from the east end of Toronto where Richard and I grew up.   As per Fleury,  “The source photographs generated by friends, family and work peers, seem replaceable with any other photo album. Repetition and similarity suggest a learning of cultural norms through imposed framing”.

Here’s how she describes her process; “Visual traces of fictions emerge from the multi-layered charcoal inventions that rely as much on blurring and erasing as mark making. Subsequent layers of paint bury, re-define and obscure the imagery. On completion, the works are then photographed. In other words, each finished piece becomes just one variation in the continually changing narrative of the original memory”.

If you would like to enjoy being manipulated by this artist as much as I did come to Glam Vintage & Moderne for the full treatment.


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