Ceiling Space…”The Final Frontier”

Dark Panelled Hall CeilingWant to be on trend?  Start with the ceiling.  In the 1950’s we stuccoed and stippled the heck out of them. In the seventies and eighties we painted them all matt white.  More recently we decided  to make them go away by painting them the same colour as our walls.

Reclaimed wood ceiling Beams on Ceiling

Finally in the 21st century we are looking up again.  Richard at Glam Vintage & Moderne has been happily guiding his clientelle through this new frontier.  Most of us have said “yes” to clearing away clutter and we favour minimalist lines in our homes.  We’ve painted out the trim so it’s the same colour as the walls and removed excess stuff .  Here is just one of many hot “ceiling treatments” available to desanitize your space.

Panelled ceilings give us that much needed hit of texture to add interest to the simplicity of modern decor.  A possible journey straight out of the “bland” zone.  “These are the voyages…to boldly go where no man has gone before”.

Panelled Wall & Ceiling


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