4 Hands of Horse “Power”

Having owned a gift store I’ve met many collectors of animal related paraphernalia.  There are the elephant collectors who are most probably spiritual on the road to enlightenment but not beyond collecting a meaningful knick knack along the way.  The pig collectors probably have too many banks in their stash and have to like pink…which I abhor in decor.  Doggy people want their breed which one never seems to have in stock.

Chinese Horse in Resin and Silver Leaf

Magnificent Chinese Resin Horse in Silver Leaf at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Horse collectors’ acquisitions are in a league of their own.  Throughout history horses have always been linked to nobility.  On trend “English Manor” styling is chock full of equestrian related art objects.  This reproduction of an ancient Chinese horse stands a stately 22 inches tall -16 inches to its withers – about 4 hands (couldn’t resist).

In feng shui “a horse figurine placed in the South corner activates recognition, fame and promotion for members of the household bringing renown and respect, particularly to the women of the household.”   I know exactly where I’ll put it.


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