Functioning Organics

Steel Reinforced Rattan

Steel Reinforced Rattan and Steel Garden Spheres at Glam Vintage & Moderne

You or your feet or a tray of drinks can rest here.  You can’t see the sturdy steel that’s been woven into these honey rattan pieces but they are virtually indestructible.  They are a nice organic contrast to a clean modern occasional chair or couch.  A cluster of two or three of these in different heights could replace a tired coffee table.


Steel Sphere on top of Urn

Urn Topped with Vine Stuffed Sphere

Richard placed the hinged steel spheres  next to the rattan pieces above.  The spheres were created to add interest to your garden. Vines can cling to them or they can be stuffed with moss and succulents and rested on top of an urn or stuffed with a candle or chandelier and suspended over your indoor/ outdoor dining table.

Chandelier in Sphere

Sphere Chandelier



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