Easter Basket Time

Square Baskets

Square Storage Baskets at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Baskets have always been on trend but never more than in today’s “uncluttered” household.  In our new open concept environments we often don’t have smaller rooms like a laundry room where “stuff” may  be secreted away behind closed doors.

Without baskets where would you hide your dirty laundry, 20 lb bags of dogfood, umbrellas and clean recyclables?  Where would one put  “all your eggs”?

Oval Baskets

Oval Baskets at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Drawers don’t cut it for these odd shapes but baskets come in any size and may even have lids which are handy  for stacking and hiding junk you can’t part with. I often slide low sided baskets into open doorless shelving to keep my unsightlys unseen.

easterbasketThis Easter why not give a basket which is functionally worthy of keeping…instead of one of the unnatural fibred colourful ones with inedible contents?


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