Would Gatsby Buy it?

Great Gatsby Party

Great Gatsby Party

Fashion and furnishing trends this season are decidedly 1920’s.  The litmus test seems to be “Would Gatsby Buy It’?  The glamourous 20’s were all about ostentatious glimmer.  Nick Carroway (Gatsby’s confidant) lived in a $80 a month cottage next to Gatsby’s $15000 a season mansion but got to run with the glitzy and ditzy  “in” crowd.

Retro Styled Bar Cabinet

Handcrafted Scalloped Wood Retro Styled Bar Cabinet at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Retro Styled Cocktail Table

Retro Styled Cocktail Table with Black Mirrored Surfaces at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Take a page from Nick Carroway.  These new shimmering retro styled pieces will let you party with the style of Gatsby,  without having to become part of Long Island’s decadent social gentry and risk getting shot or run over.

Gatsby & Daisy


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