Chain Reaction

Why would 1500 people in a small town pay to see inside a few houses during Port Hope’s annual house tour?  Granted, we are all a little nosey, but it’s not as if you’ll get free access to the owners diary or night side table.

What we really want to see is something different – a fresh take on some aspect of décor that you can “react to” and translate to your own residence.

Canvas on Chain LR

Richard Cadoret, proprietor of Glam Vintage & Moderne, Living Room Wall

Get the picture?  Thought you might.  This is Richard’s living room.  Firstly ceiling medallions are placed on the wall to add texture.  Secondly a canvas is “suspended” on fine chain to create yet another layer.  When hanging art seems impossible due to wall obstructions, chain makes this completely possible and dynamic.

canvas and medallions

For slower learners, below is another example of the use of chain to hang art in Richard’s bathroom.   No tiles were destroyed to mount this piece.  They are  left completely intact and only a couple of small screw holes go into the ceiling to suspend the chain to the picture.  This seems too easy doesn’t it?   Like why didn’t I think of that?  It’s an “ah ha!” moment, not unlike your first Velcro experience.  Think of the possibilities….

Art on Chain


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