Ode to the Etagere

etagere on sale now at Glam

Metal and Mahogany Etagere on sale now at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Wikipedia correctly describes the etagere as a light piece of furniture originating in 18th century France which was named for its’ various levels or “stages”.  Then unfortunately they go on to describe it as shelving with long legs that fits over the back of the toilet.

WHY do perfectly descriptive words get dumbed down?  For instance the word awesome was once used to mean awe-inspiring or stunning spectacle.  Now it means “cool”.  And another thing, who would put their Hermes perfume on a shelf at the back of a toilet for a high-priced plumber to fish out later?   But I digress.

Anyway,  this campaign styled mahogany and metal etagere is only 24 inches wide and  its’ height at almost 6 feet makes for efficient use of your wall space to display or store stuff in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Right now it’s marked down by over 40% which is pretty freakin’ AWESOME!


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