Colour without Commitment

Some furniture begs to be left alone, like pieces with “inlay” or seriously beautiful wood patterning like birds-eye maple.  For Richard it’s open season on painting anything that is not born beautiful.  When he ferrets through auctions and estate sales his artist’s eye sees things “as they can be”.

distressed Grey chinese cabinet

Distressed Grey Chinese Cabinet at Glam Vintage & Moderne


Vintage Armoire with Painted InteriorI am currently in love with the idea of putting a bold paint colour in the interior of an open shelved or glass door-ed armoire.

Here’s what is so attractive about this to me;

1) This is an easy way to  introduce spring’s on trend bright colours without commitment.  You can change it easily as your room palette changes.

2) Actually doiing it yourself would probably take about an hour…no time commitment.

3) What’s it cost for a quart of paint?…No $$$ commitment

Armoire with yellow interior

Armoire with teal interior









The grey Chinese reproduction armoire available at Glam Vintage and Moderne would be a perfect candidate for a bold yet non-committal make-over performed by a timid do-it-yourself-er… before Richard charges extra for doing it..





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