Tour Time!


Fall floral created by Richard Cadoret, owner/interior decorator at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Tomorrow is annual Port Hope House Tour day and for shops in the ‘hood, especially Glam Vintage & Moderne,  it’s “showtime”.

Richard Cadoret, Glam’s owner/interior decorator has created a welcoming window and floral for house “tourists” to enjoy.  He’s also “inviting”  all his display furnishings  “to leave”.

The savvy shopper knows this really means that he’s clearing all regular priced stock at 25% off and providing up to 50% off on items that won’t work in his upcoming “winter” vision.

Doors open at 10 am tomorrow.   Prepare to seize the savings.

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Glam Vintage & Moderne‘s store window celebrates the fall tour with a warm yellow Canadian made occasional chair accented with a glazed painting by Patrick St. Germain

Bling Toss


I “said” I was looking for a bed for my infrequent out-of-town guest, but honestly I got it for the “room”.  It’s an office which just looked too officious…all books, manuals, computers, cords and supplies. Despite my efforts to soften its edge with art,  area rug and a couple of lamps it was just plain ugly.

Statum Daybed

Daybed available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Canadian upholstery maker, Statum Designs makes this cleanly styled comfy daybed that’s heaven to curl up on.  I bought it in the neutral fabric because a) I move a lot and more importantly b) I would get to accessorize it with lots of new toss cushions from Glam.



Throw Cushions and Daybed at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Throw Cushions and Daybed at Glam Vintage & Moderne




This is some sort of sickness…next thing you know I’m not going to be happy with the area rug.

Orchid Envy

A close-up of Orchid texture in oil and silver leaf at Glam Vintage & Moderne

A close-up of the Orchid texture in oil and silver leaf at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I remember my first brush with an Orchid Grower, a pharmacist who had made a hobby of propagating orchids.  She was as  proud of these showy little plants as grandparents are of their precocious little charges.  I was confused yet intrigued with her commitment to this gangly ” flower”.

Ilona Biernot Orchid at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Canadian artist Ilona Biernot’s Orchid at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Photo from Just add Ice Orchids

Photo from Just add Ice Orchids

In the 90’s the orchid gained popularity with contemporary decorators for its simplicity and height.  My mom anthropomorphized hers as she became plant mother and professed to know exactly what made them happiest.

It is interesting that Wikipedia says the “name comes from the Ancient Greek ὄρχις (órkhis), literally meaning “testicle“, because of the shape of the twin tubers in some species”.

Rather than employing an orchid sitter I did what the natives do… I put my orchid in a basket in a tree when I left my tropical home last spring.

I hope he is still there when I get back and will be happy to see me.


Your Loft or Mine?

linen sofa against brick wall at Glam

Oil painting by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I gotta say I am proud of my loft.  It’s what my friends call “a good hang”.  I think it looks put together but not in a contrived sort of way. Repetition of colour provides cohesiveness to the room and varying textures make it interesting.

In this vignette at Glam, Richard created a loft-like feeling. The tones of the 60’s styled Canadian made sofa marry well with the original oil painting and the vintage suitcase. The contrast of the clean tailored tufted sofa and simple suitcase showcase the warm brick wall backdrop and the russets and taupes in the oil painting.  The chartreuse toss cushions add the surprise hit of colour.

Tufted 60's influenced linen sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Sleek Kravet polyester silk sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I know you expected to see my loft here but that would mean I would have to tidy vacuum and dust on a day when company’s not coming and that’s “just not done”.

The Great Divide

Sectional Sofa available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Sectional Sofa by Statum Design available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Retailers deal with open concept spaces all the time, but this architecture is relatively new to most homeowners.  Take a page from a store’s decor book and create several vignettes within the open concept space to create interest and warmth.  Dividing the space with dressing screens or shelving can close the space and defeat the look.  A sectional like this fabulous contemporary piece from Canadian manufacturer Statum Designs along with an area rug can define the “living room” portion of your open room.

Statum Sectional in Bella Granite

One of the perks of  this configuration is the close proximity to the kitchen area for munchie replenishment.  The fabric chosen for this sectional is Bella Granite which feels like buttery suede but wears like the polyester it is…perfect for dropping food and drinks on.

Marked “Down” Sectional

Canadian Made Down Sectional at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Down Sectional with Faux Chinchilla Throw at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This is a rare occurrence at Glam Vintage & Moderne.   Richard has actually discounted this fabulous “down” sectional because he needs the space for a big vintage piece.

This quality Canadian custom sectional is upholstered in a hard-wearing neutral aubergine polyester blend that works well with almost anything including on trend greys and mauves AND sloppy pets and family.

queen_for_a_day Tv showI am very familiar with this sectional as I own one in another colour.  The down filling makes it comfy cozy and the built-in chaise makes me feel like a princess as I recline on it after a long hard day of social networking or shopping.

I think I’ll  need to buy that faux chinchilla throw to complete the picture. “Queen for a Day”.

Non-surgical Eye Treat

With today’s focus on clean lines, painted out mouldings and edited out stuff…some rooms can look downright boring.  Interesting architectural details and significant art can enliven this bland backdrop.

Old Western original acrylic by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Old Western original acrylic by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Treat your eyes to a large painting with engaging colours and texture like this original canvas called “Old Western” by Charlene Lynch.

Glittering Gold foil on Canvas

Glittering Gold foil on Canvas

This Canadian artist layers acrylic glaze, gold foil and lacquer to create a glittering abstract western landscape…

and it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Sidewalk Shopping 101

Most people (especially women) don’t think they require a course in shopping but I beg to differ.  Please pay attention to this sage advice as I started in retail a long long time ago… when people actually looked at clocks to determine “the time”.

sidewalk-sale-saint-laurent1) Most retailers buy discounted merchandise FOR the sale. This stuff never saw the inside of the store it’s sitting in front of.  It is being unloaded and the price you are paying is all that it’s worth.  You can tell this is what happened when you see a load of one particular item… run don’t walk.

2) The significant savings are on the “one offs” or even say “few of”.  These are the items that retailers might not want anymore because they don’t work with their new purchases or simply to clear floorspace for the new season’s version of the item.

Whistler Ottoman Bed

Whistler Ottoman Bed still available 55% off at Glam Vintage & Moderne

3)  Step inside the retailers door for the best deals.  Quite often the sale continues throughout the store and precious and larger items with significant discounts which are often too cumbersome to move are all but ignored by the shopper who picks through piles of identical items on the sidewalk.

Lady's Writing Desk

Vintage Writing Laptop Desk still available at 60% off at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Here are a some of the real deals missed by the shoppers who have not graduated from this course.

Striped Accent Chair 50% off at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Striped Accent Chair 50% off still available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Wedding Blues

It’s odd that the institution of marriage has lasted this long when everyone knows most marriages are not going to work.  Despite this,  most of us get the dreaded wedding invitation around this time of year and have no idea what to buy.  Cash is always an alternative but how much?  You don’t want to look cheap but you’ve heard rumour that $100 is the new normal for shower presents.

Upcycled Glass Candleholders

Upcycled Glass Candleholders at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Upcycled Glass Candleholder at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Upcycled Glass Candleholder at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Enter the handmade glass candleholder.  This says everything you want it to say.

It’s about gifting something old, something new, something borrowed and maybe even something blue?

Consider upcycled glass finds fused together by local artist Gundi and repurposed for romance …with an indeterminable price tag because every one is unique.

Glass Objets

Upcycled Glass Objets d’art at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Cowboy Contemporary

Cowhide and Steel counter height stool at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Cowhide and Steel counter height stool at Glam Vintage & Moderne

John Wayne QUOTEThis “made in Canada” real cowhide bistro stool would look right at home saddled up next to your kitchen counter.  The clean raw steel base works perfectly with the generously proportioned masculine studded hide.  Climb on and cowboy up to the counter for a tall one.  I’m parched…did someone say giddeup?