Marble-ous Carrara Ends

Global End Tables in Carrara Marble at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Global End Tables in Carrara Marble at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Silvery hand forged “global” metal bases are topped with Italian Carrara marble to give these ends a sumptuous “old world” look. These come in 2 different heights so one should work next to your favourite occasional chair.

The beauty of a white Carrara marble-topped end table is really all about the “afterglow”.  Without a coaster, clear glass gets those wet puddles when you place your favourite cocktail upon it.  The next day you have the nasty little dried rings (and dust) to Windex.

Marble Topped Cocktail TableIf you do notice anything at all on white marble a quick damp cloth will eradicate it.

You can get back to thirsting for anything but what you had the night before and trying not to cave to your uncontrollable urge for french fries.

Simply marble-ous.


Worldly Desk Decor

vintage globeVintage GlobesWe’ve all used the ubiquitous vintage spinning globe, paperweights, and table lamps to decorate the top of a desk.    I love the look of several spinning globes of different sizes grouped on a desk,

…but where does one put the laptop?

It’s time for something new and less stodgy, less masculine and a little more whimsical.  Something even a woman might enjoy.  After all we like to look like world travellers too.

worldly topiaries

Worldly Topiaries on Antique Desk at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Globe Vintage

Maybe our store should be “Globe” Vintage & Moderne instead of “Glam” Vintage.

Armillary Wrapped Chandelier

The “globe” theme is huge in decor now.  In lighting, crystal chandeliers are being surrounded by huge steel armillary spheres and soft globe lights are overlayed with lines of latitude and longitude.  Warm a room with spinning globes on stands in various sizes and accent colours.

Vintage Globe Pendants - Kitchen by Glam Vintage & Moderne