S.A.D. Treatment for Your Home

light therapyDuring the winter our decorating drifts towards sumptuous fabrics, heavy woods and jewel tones.  During this particularly horrendous winter in North America, record numbers are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or at the very least “cabin fever”.

Basket Weave ottoman and Side Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Basket Weave Ottoman and Side Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

By staring into light filled chambers we can trick our brain out of depression.  It follows then that by “lightening up” our interior surroundings we may raise our spirits and give ourselves a “lift”.

Replace that heavy coffee table with an airy basket weave ottoman and or side table.

Change out the pillows on your sofa to the new on trend spring tones of mustard yellow,bottle green, coral or teal.  If you are bent on staring into a bright light for treatment how about getting one with a colourful base, like the green one pictured below??

Colourful Accessories

Colourful Lamps, Pillows and accessories at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Richard’s Top 3 Floridian Inspirations

Most Northerners wouldn’t think that great design inspiration could be found in “of all places” Florida but Richard found lots of amazing new ideas he’s sure to execute.  Here are his top 3:

1) Wall medallions –  Up until now most of us thought a single medallion added interest to the centre of a ceiling and flourish to an electrical box for a pendant or chandelier.  Look what can happen when add a few more…

Medallions on Wall and Ceiling

Medallions on Walls and Ceiling in Naples Florida Restaurant

2.  Living Walls –  A metal trellis attached to an outside wall can bring life to a patio and hide an ugly wall or fence.  In Florida almost anything will do this ..in Canada this can be accomplished with winter hardy Euonymus or even ivy in some zones

Masa Living Walls

Living Walls in Naples Florida

3.  Go Big or GO HOME!

Masa Lamp

Richard under a Massive Floor Lamp/Heater in Naples, Florida

Key West Guest House Bon Homme

Large Air Filled Bon Homme Squeezed onto Guest House in Key West Florida

Supersize it for maximum impact!Key West Guest house

Winter Window on Walton

Winter on Walton Street

Richard has created his winter window and Glam Vintage & Moderne is decorated for the holidays.

The glittering gold and silver of  Richard’s arrangement “is” (or should I say was*) carried through the window with burnished gold side tables and a decorative platter.  The huge stylized baroque mirror reflects the pre-confederation architecture of Walton Street. Reallite battery operated candles and an electric crystal globe also add warmth and sparkle to the vignette.

Glam Vintage & Moderne Winter Window

Richard re-ordered another pair of those gorgeous Hollywood Regency off white leather lobby chairs and placed one in the window and one in the store for “test” sitting.

*As I predicted in the previous blog, Richard’s winter arrangement is now residing on a client’s foyer table so he’s busy creating another one.  (Sometimes my psychic abilities positively scare me.)

Vintage Styled Adjustable Lamps

Vintage Styles Scissor Lamp at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Richard brought this stunning lamp in a while ago but unfortunately the photographer (moi) couldn’t get a good shot so finally Richard took this “acceptable” one.  I love its unusual copper/brown translucent metal shade.  The weighty antiqued bronze retractable “scissor” base makes it perfect for a desk or a bedside table.  It’s rather handy to bring the lamp closer so you don’t miss a single word of the “fine print” in that document/trashy novel.

Vintage Styled Mica Shaded Floor Lamp at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Here’s another vintage styled adjustable.  This is done in “aged black metal” accented with solid wood details. The drum shade is made of natural Mica to complete the “arts and crafts” look.

The wire connecting to the shade even has that vintage look fabric covering…though this one won’t fray and leave dodgy live wires like a true vintage piece.

Use this over your favourite reading chair/sofa or hang directly over an occasional table or someone you are interrogating.