The Great Divide

Sectional Sofa available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Sectional Sofa by Statum Design available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Retailers deal with open concept spaces all the time, but this architecture is relatively new to most homeowners.  Take a page from a store’s decor book and create several vignettes within the open concept space to create interest and warmth.  Dividing the space with dressing screens or shelving can close the space and defeat the look.  A sectional like this fabulous contemporary piece from Canadian manufacturer Statum Designs along with an area rug can define the “living room” portion of your open room.

Statum Sectional in Bella Granite

One of the perks of  this configuration is the close proximity to the kitchen area for munchie replenishment.  The fabric chosen for this sectional is Bella Granite which feels like buttery suede but wears like the polyester it is…perfect for dropping food and drinks on.


Have it Three Ways – Sectional, Sofa, Chair

Three Way in Corner

This charming 3 piece sectional is versatile and flexible and affordable. It works in small spaces…think apartments, lofts, condos and dens. As a sofa, the corner piece can be placed at the far right OR the far left. The chair can be totally separated from the loveseat…you can even move it to the bedroom. Great quality Canadian made and comes in 2000 different fabrics including this neutral herringbone.

Three Way as a Loveseat & Chair