Cutting Edge Wallcoverings

Like many baby boomers, Richard and I grew up with pre-pasted themed wallpaper surrounding us.  Homey copper kettles and tea pots repeated themselves all too often throughout our tiny kitchen, and ballerinas en point danced everywhere in my bedroom. Flocked damask wallpaper was often favourited by the same people who encased their couches in clear plastic slip(ery)covers.  Appreciation for texture versus patterning took hold in the 70’s revival of grasscloth but colours and weaves were limited.

Taupe Grasscloth in Glam Vintage & Moderne designed bathroom

Taupe Grasscloth in Glam Vintage & Moderne designed bathroom

For today’s look we’ve cleaned and decluttered our nests and “bought into” painting out baseboards and mouldings, solid coloured spare furniture and neutral grey walls. Options for colour pops and patterning have been limited to accessories including toss cushions, lamps, art and  area rugs.

Candice Olson Collection of Wallcoverings at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Candice Olson Collection of Wallcoverings at Glam Vintage & Moderne

The right wallcoverings can take your place from bland to “the edge of glory” a.k.a “WOW”.   Wallcovering books are showing how to use this in your contemporary decor and retain the clean lines we’ve worked so hard to get without creating a 60’s flashback moment. Flip through some at Glam Vintage & Moderne for inspiration before everybody else does.  You might even learn to love flocked damask.

I double dare you.



Choose one “side”

                                              Vintage Deco Wood & Chrome Side Table

Gone are the days when side tables only came in pairs and flanked either side of your couch.  We are now opting for an interesting but functional side or two in our living spaces

Reflective surfaces like mirror, granite and chrome add sparkle to any room.

Get a “Handle” on…………….. Making it Beautiful

Raw is Beautiful with Vintage Hardware

The ho hum hutch below was transformed when Richard gave it a coat of paint and added  amazing decorative vintage brass hardware.  Interesting hardware can make the difference between ordinary and exceptional.   Unable to find exact replacements for this 8 pull chest of drawers,  Richard added two “different” pulls on the bottom drawers that look like they are original to the piece though completely different

"Glam'd Hutch with Vintage Hardware

Just Say “No” to Sheers

“Tired” rooms can be revitalized by removing the old trappings of decor trends from days gone by.  Sheers were the standard of light enhancing drapery.  When customers ask about sheers at GLAM..we just say “NO”.  Instead of replacing time worn pieces update, rejuvenate and refresh with sheer blinds.  Blinds come in various degrees of openness or translucencies, colours and weaves.  On a molecular level, they can even convert smoke and toxins to clean air…seriously.

Room Refreshed by GLAM. Shown are sheer stripe blinds, julianne drapes and metropolitan sofa.

Have it Three Ways – Sectional, Sofa, Chair

Three Way in Corner

This charming 3 piece sectional is versatile and flexible and affordable. It works in small spaces…think apartments, lofts, condos and dens. As a sofa, the corner piece can be placed at the far right OR the far left. The chair can be totally separated from the loveseat…you can even move it to the bedroom. Great quality Canadian made and comes in 2000 different fabrics including this neutral herringbone.

Three Way as a Loveseat & Chair

Headboard…the new misnomer

Headboard Selection at Glam

Upholstered headboards take the “board” out of headboard.  I can hardly believe in recent years we sacrificed the comfort of cushioned upholstery for cold hard wrought iron or worse and even more crass –  “brass”.  The new headboard works in any decor, comes in various heights and shapes and is available with or without button tufting or tacks.  Thousands of fabrics are available, though linen neutrals are popular. A little advice –  Opt out of the footboard.  This uncluttered look saves money and allows for a clear view of the TV.     ……………………………………………. Serenity now…………………

Curved Upholstered Headboard with Tack & Tufts

Globe Vintage

Maybe our store should be “Globe” Vintage & Moderne instead of “Glam” Vintage.

Armillary Wrapped Chandelier

The “globe” theme is huge in decor now.  In lighting, crystal chandeliers are being surrounded by huge steel armillary spheres and soft globe lights are overlayed with lines of latitude and longitude.  Warm a room with spinning globes on stands in various sizes and accent colours.

Vintage Globe Pendants - Kitchen by Glam Vintage & Moderne