The Legend of the Ghost Rider

Ghost Ride by Jeremy Down at Glam Vintage & Moderne

When Richard brought this acrylic on canvas piece in from Engine Gallery in Toronto I liked the way the colour looked against Glam’s red brick.  Then I took a picture for the blog and strangely it looked like a diptic.  The ridge up the middle somehow separated the picture into two… so I deleted it. Yesterday I tried again, as I looked through the camera the skull and body of a ghost on the right of the pic became prevalent.  Weird, I hadn’t noticed it before.  Then I looked at the name of the painting “Ghost Ridge“.

When I researched the artist Jeremy Down I found that the name of the piece is actually “Ghost Ride” and was created after his own near death experience (almost drowning). In this piece he uses a “skisel”,  a process where he straps an easel to his body while he snowboards.  All his pieces are created outside in the mountains of British Columbia.

According to Jeremy Down; “the work now seems to come directly from my soul – springing out unplanned, growing and changing as the process continues. Interweaving layers seem to represent physical and spiritual planes. Almost a birth every time, and, somewhere in the process, almost a death”.

  I’m all tingly now.