Behind Closed Doors

aluminum skinned storage cabinet

Aluminum Skinned Cabinet at Glam Vintage & Moderne

If you don’t have built-ins in your living space then you’ve probably found that extra bits of cabinetry are essential.  Unsightly objects like DVD’s, clicker mechanisms, booze and other unmentionables need a place to hide behind doors or drawers.

aluminum skinned cabinet shown open

Inside the Aluminum Skinned Cabinet

Finding functional pieces that work in smaller spaces can be trying .  Armoires are relatively easy to find but their excessive depth (once valued for hiding the bulbous backed TV) and height may fill too much of your real estate.

The gleam of the aluminum skin on this darling little industrial look wooden cabinet works in both modern and eclectic spaces. .  And only the nosiest of guests will dare to look inside.


Only the Beginning

Winter is almost over and the holiday season is definitely over including year-end inventory clearances.  Glam is bringing in loads of exciting new and (new to Glam) vintage furniture and decor.  If you have not been in lately maybe this pic will entice you.

Glam Vintage & Moderne Feb 2013

Introducing Glam Vintage & Moderne’s new season

In this snap you’ll see a fresh tufted bench seat sofa with a new curvey cabriolet coffee table and a sweet aluminum skinned contemporary cabinet with an eye-popping Margaret Glew abstract behind it.  Richard has been at auctions, estate sales, galleries and gift shows.  And you thought he was off somewhere getting a tan…

This is “only the beginning, only just the start”.  Time to come out of hibernation and start foraging.