Which Came First, the Pillow or the Urn?

Vase and Pillow

Antique Porcelain Urn with Brass Mounts and Distressed Pillow at Glam Vintage & Moderne

In this pic, the colourful distressed pattern on the pillow in the background mimics the vivid beauty of the mid 19th century urn in the foreground.

The distressed almost faded print on this pillow is on trend for 2013.

Distressed Area Rug available through Glam Vintage & Moderne
Distressed Area Rug available through Glam Vintage & Moderne

You’ve no doubt seen this look on area rugs where a vivid colour is used with a distressed print as though it  had been worn out over time. It leaves the impression of a rare antique find as opposed to a spanking new quality reproduction.

Using today’s distressed yet colourful  interpretations of accessories against the “real deal” like this urn lends credibility to your colour choices.

In other words, you’ll look like you know what you are doing.


Taking it To the Street

Port Hope is enjoying its annual sidewalk sale and Glam Vintage and Moderne is making it all worthwhile.  There are lots of in store reductions too…because we all know Richard gets bored very easily and doesn’t like to look at the same furniture and accessories for too long.

For the DIY people there are some great vintage frames for  only $10 .  Gardeners should grab the galvanized pots and vases and french wire baskets for next to nothing.  There are sets of vintage chairs, a pair of antique lamps and a couple of sweet desks all at least 50% off.

This sale runs until tomorrow if there is anything left.

Come quick before Richard snaps out of it!