Tour Time!


Fall floral created by Richard Cadoret, owner/interior decorator at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Tomorrow is annual Port Hope House Tour day and for shops in the ‘hood, especially Glam Vintage & Moderne,  it’s “showtime”.

Richard Cadoret, Glam’s owner/interior decorator has created a welcoming window and floral for house “tourists” to enjoy.  He’s also “inviting”  all his display furnishings  “to leave”.

The savvy shopper knows this really means that he’s clearing all regular priced stock at 25% off and providing up to 50% off on items that won’t work in his upcoming “winter” vision.

Doors open at 10 am tomorrow.   Prepare to seize the savings.

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Glam Vintage & Moderne‘s store window celebrates the fall tour with a warm yellow Canadian made occasional chair accented with a glazed painting by Patrick St. Germain

Cottage Life with Dad

There is only one thing worse than a rainy day at the cottage…2 rainy days at the cottage.  After you have played too many games of Snap and Monopoly what is there to do?

How about a game of “Cottage Makeover”?

Surely it’s time to update your interior look.  Put some cheery vibrancy in there because the prediction for this summer’s weather is dare I say it…dismal. Present these large oil paintings with FISH on them as Fathers’ Day presents and make him happy you made the spontaneous purchase at Glam Vintage & Moderne.

Non-surgical Eye Treat

With today’s focus on clean lines, painted out mouldings and edited out stuff…some rooms can look downright boring.  Interesting architectural details and significant art can enliven this bland backdrop.

Old Western original acrylic by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Old Western original acrylic by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Treat your eyes to a large painting with engaging colours and texture like this original canvas called “Old Western” by Charlene Lynch.

Glittering Gold foil on Canvas

Glittering Gold foil on Canvas

This Canadian artist layers acrylic glaze, gold foil and lacquer to create a glittering abstract western landscape…

and it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Glass Spheres of Influence

Glass Speres in 2 sizes at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Glass Spheres in 2 sizes at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Small Backpainted Glass Sphere

Small Back Painted Glass Sphere

I really tried to get a shot of these back painted glass spheres that would make you as excited as I am about their lustrous colours.

This is a piece of art which serves no purpose other than to make you adore its beauty and respect the buyer’s exquisite taste.

What a great Father’s Day gift for the man who has (almost) everything.

Large Back Painted Glass Sphere at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Large Back Painted Glass Sphere at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Where Costa Meets Steed

Glam Vintage & Moderne Store Window Port Hope

Richard has been taunted by a few customers to top his summer window and judging from accolades he’s been getting this one just about does it.  Master painter Costa Dvorezky’s piece is a stand-out.  His style is Old Master with an abstract backdrop…sheer genius.  Richard has selected a quirky vintage mahogany cabinet topped with a full length back painted glass mirror to balance the space.

The floating derbys are Magritte meets The Avengers.  Pure whimsy.

The Avengers, John Steed & Emma Peel

Add Colour Here

Art (that) Works

These gorgeous microfiber creamy white chairs could be a wash without the colourful canvas in the background and the punch of coordinated colours in the vintage cushion.  Bringing unexpected colour into the vignette keeps us interested. Introducing colour by accessorizing with vivid pillows, art, throws and art objects is cost-effective.  Savvy decorators usually put the bulk of their budget in quality neutral upholstered pieces and stay on trend by switching up the “details” .  Despite this,  I still want those red chairs for Christmas.  Thank-you Richard!