Elegant Fido Friendly Sofa

Sleek Pet Friendly Sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

For most of us,  Fido is our main consideration when chosing an upholstery fabric.  We don’t want whites or pastels in case the dog jumps up on it.  We don’t want nubby fabric in case little claws fray it.    Leather and final can be slit or pierced.  Ideally it should be something you can wipe a spot off of.  Well…here it is.  This glamorous unique material looks and behaves sort of like “skin”.  It leaves no impression when paws walk on it and can be wiped clean (if you can find the dirt) because it’s polyester and  a neutral taupe.  The slick sofa styling also features a very comfortable bench seat cushion which is difficult for Fido to scatter when hiding treats.  With this sofa, dog parenting can be very rewarding.


Recipe for a Sweet Neat Seat

Sylvie Loveseat

No adjustments are required when you’ve got only one bench style cushion on your loveseat or sofa.  I’m no neat freak but seating can look messy when seat cushions are out of alignment.  This comfy contemporary design melds the best of several different period looks to create a funky piece that could work almost anywhere. Take a classic camel back, flare the arms, lower the leg and voila…one sweet neat seat.  As they say in the South… “well butter my buns and call me a biscuit!”