This Bench makes Sense

Charo on Teak Bench

Vintage Teak Bench with Double Cane Back at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Bench Seating for Extra Guests
Bench Seating for Extra Guests

Cane Backing on Teak BenchFrom day-to-day, this clean ebonized vintage bench is most at home in the front entry way, veranda, mud room garden room or patio.  The bonus is it’s availability for double duty in the kitchen when you’re up to entertaining guests # 5 and 6.

Let’s face it most of us entertain just one person at dinner every night.  Having your table set for 6 to 8 people looks like you are having a party and nobody showed.  If you’ve scaled back on your square footage you probably eliminated the redundant dining room.

I like having the flexibility of bench seating borrowed from another room for guests # 5 and 6.

If you want “them” as regulars add seat cushions.  If not …let sleeping dogs lie.

The Dining, Coffee Table, Entryway Bench for the end of your Bed

What’s on trend right now is using a bench on one side of your dining table for seating.  Well I’d like to think I started this.

Jane Lockhart’s Walker Bench at Glam Vintage & Moderne

In my loft environment every piece has to do double duty.  There are only 2 of us here not counting the dog.  I have 4 new quality ($$$$) dining room chairs.  That means there are 2 too many most of the time.  Then I have a dinner party…usually at least 6 people. My entryway bench becomes seats 5 and 6.    This multitasker would be great as a coffee table with a tray or two on top  or you can put it at the end of your bed for excess throw pillows and a leg up for the dog.

Granger Bench by Jane Lockhart at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Make “Storage” Beautiful

Storage Bench in Faux Leather with Tufting

We’ve all had friends or neighbours come to the door unexpectedly.  You see them just as they approach your front steps.  Turning around you see his sweatshirt and runners on the floor, 12 dogs toys and  the Sunday paper everywhere.

This bench is the answer to easy front entrance maintenance.  It’s only 15 inches deep and easily contains all your messy little secrets.