Blind Envy

Enter the twenty-first century with Canadian made blinds in current patterns.  This one called “Lex” has its origins in the middle east.  Great by itself for that pop and privacy in a minimal or contemporary environment.

Create layers of texture with this fitted patterned blind inside the window then add solid coloured or coordinating drapery panels for a more dramatic look.

Or how about a more demure stripe?  This tone on tone below is our top seller.  Allows light through but keeps your private parts…private

Sheer Stripe Blind



The Cure

Some people suffer from S.A.D (the seasonal affective disorder) caused by the lack of sun during this season. Most are treated with light therapy,  a sun lamp. Day after day of dull drab damp weather can seriously affect a person’s libido.  I have a solution.  When the outside looks like it’s a picture taken with black and white photography, GO INSIDE and get some  “SHOP” therapy.  Who needs mood altering drugs when you can be stimulated by great colour, design, conversation and credit!

In the New Year, I resolve to…..

1) Buy the Whistler Ottoman that a single bed pulls out of,  so (tipsy) girlfriends can sleep over  2) Buy a new king sized bed with upholstered headboard because I discovered that it’s nice to have a little space between me & mine when trying to sleep 3) Custom order some privacy blinds so neighbours can’t see what a good time we are having in my house.

Bay Windows Made Beautiful

Bay windows can be a challenge when straight blinds need to round the curve.  Richard solved the problem by using 5 identical individual custom blinds and adding “one” valance across all 5.  The fabric valance is affixed with velcro on a flexible plastic angle bar which was cut to round the curve.

Sheer Stripe Blinds Round a Bay Window

Just Say “No” to Sheers

“Tired” rooms can be revitalized by removing the old trappings of decor trends from days gone by.  Sheers were the standard of light enhancing drapery.  When customers ask about sheers at GLAM..we just say “NO”.  Instead of replacing time worn pieces update, rejuvenate and refresh with sheer blinds.  Blinds come in various degrees of openness or translucencies, colours and weaves.  On a molecular level, they can even convert smoke and toxins to clean air…seriously.

Room Refreshed by GLAM. Shown are sheer stripe blinds, julianne drapes and metropolitan sofa.

Room with a View

Top Down Blinds

Blinds Reveal Yorkville Skyline

The contemporary Yonge Street condo above demonstrates perfect placement of blinds to outline the Yorkville Skyline and block the hot afternoon sun.  As shown in the first photo, custom blinds can also move from the “top down” to provide privacy in the lower portion of your window and expose an interesting exterior view at the top of the window.