Bling Toss


I “said” I was looking for a bed for my infrequent out-of-town guest, but honestly I got it for the “room”.  It’s an office which just looked too officious…all books, manuals, computers, cords and supplies. Despite my efforts to soften its edge with art,  area rug and a couple of lamps it was just plain ugly.

Statum Daybed

Daybed available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Canadian upholstery maker, Statum Designs makes this cleanly styled comfy daybed that’s heaven to curl up on.  I bought it in the neutral fabric because a) I move a lot and more importantly b) I would get to accessorize it with lots of new toss cushions from Glam.



Throw Cushions and Daybed at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Throw Cushions and Daybed at Glam Vintage & Moderne




This is some sort of sickness…next thing you know I’m not going to be happy with the area rug.

Two Surfaces for the Price of One

Two Tiered Mirror and Glass Coffee Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This coffee table has it all.  It has a mirrored top that reflects the objects on it and the light in the room.  It has a lower glass tier which can be used to stack mags and books that are not deemed worthy of top-level placement.

It’s size is generous at 28 wide X 38 long.  It’s height is perfect , almost 20 inches…a couple of inches higher than the old 18 inch standard.

If you like “bling”, the lustrous warm antiqued gold base is “the thing”.

And last but not least for those of us who need a “deal” to feel justified when making the purchase…it has 2 surfaces for the price of one.