“Steal ” this Stanwyck Sofa

Jane Lockhart’s Stanwyk Sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Do you want a fabulous faux leather on trend couch with tack detailing?    If you said “yes but I can’t afford it”…look no further this one is a steal.  Drop by the store to see what I’m talking about and fill out a ballot to win the Downey Chair (the draw is on Saturday).

Even if you are not in the market for furniture it’s a great time to come in because we have lot’s of new end tables and giftware.  The ceramic flower diffusers are now available in 6 scents… perfect gift for that hostess with a dog she doesn’t smell.

Porcelain Flower Diffusers at Glam Vintage & Moderne


They’re Bringing CamelBack

Studded Camelback Sofa from Jane Lockhart Collection available in Port Hope exclusively at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I used to have one of these glorious camel back couches.  It was in a textured pastel pink fabric which looked amazing in my pink livingroom with bright white trim ( cutting edge 80’s decorating…ewww).   This fawn brown neutral covering is soothingly 2012 as is the gorgeous tack detailing.  The high leg on this couch helps maintains a spacious look that leaves dust bunnies nowhere to hide.