Your Loft or Mine?

linen sofa against brick wall at Glam

Oil painting by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I gotta say I am proud of my loft.  It’s what my friends call “a good hang”.  I think it looks put together but not in a contrived sort of way. Repetition of colour provides cohesiveness to the room and varying textures make it interesting.

In this vignette at Glam, Richard created a loft-like feeling. The tones of the 60’s styled Canadian made sofa marry well with the original oil painting and the vintage suitcase. The contrast of the clean tailored tufted sofa and simple suitcase showcase the warm brick wall backdrop and the russets and taupes in the oil painting.  The chartreuse toss cushions add the surprise hit of colour.

Tufted 60's influenced linen sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Sleek Kravet polyester silk sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I know you expected to see my loft here but that would mean I would have to tidy vacuum and dust on a day when company’s not coming and that’s “just not done”.


Non-surgical Eye Treat

With today’s focus on clean lines, painted out mouldings and edited out stuff…some rooms can look downright boring.  Interesting architectural details and significant art can enliven this bland backdrop.

Old Western original acrylic by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Old Western original acrylic by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Treat your eyes to a large painting with engaging colours and texture like this original canvas called “Old Western” by Charlene Lynch.

Glittering Gold foil on Canvas

Glittering Gold foil on Canvas

This Canadian artist layers acrylic glaze, gold foil and lacquer to create a glittering abstract western landscape…

and it doesn’t hurt a bit.

Blurry Fleury

Martha Fleury Composition

Martha Fleury Composition at Glam Vintage & Moderne in partnership with Engine Gallery Toronto

My immediate reaction to Martha Fleury’s composition was just what the artist hoped to evoke.   I tried to put names to the neighbourhood kids from the east end of Toronto where Richard and I grew up.   As per Fleury,  “The source photographs generated by friends, family and work peers, seem replaceable with any other photo album. Repetition and similarity suggest a learning of cultural norms through imposed framing”.

Here’s how she describes her process; “Visual traces of fictions emerge from the multi-layered charcoal inventions that rely as much on blurring and erasing as mark making. Subsequent layers of paint bury, re-define and obscure the imagery. On completion, the works are then photographed. In other words, each finished piece becomes just one variation in the continually changing narrative of the original memory”.

If you would like to enjoy being manipulated by this artist as much as I did come to Glam Vintage & Moderne for the full treatment.

The Legend of the Ghost Rider

Ghost Ride by Jeremy Down at Glam Vintage & Moderne

When Richard brought this acrylic on canvas piece in from Engine Gallery in Toronto I liked the way the colour looked against Glam’s red brick.  Then I took a picture for the blog and strangely it looked like a diptic.  The ridge up the middle somehow separated the picture into two… so I deleted it. Yesterday I tried again, as I looked through the camera the skull and body of a ghost on the right of the pic became prevalent.  Weird, I hadn’t noticed it before.  Then I looked at the name of the painting “Ghost Ridge“.

When I researched the artist Jeremy Down I found that the name of the piece is actually “Ghost Ride” and was created after his own near death experience (almost drowning). In this piece he uses a “skisel”,  a process where he straps an easel to his body while he snowboards.  All his pieces are created outside in the mountains of British Columbia.

According to Jeremy Down; “the work now seems to come directly from my soul – springing out unplanned, growing and changing as the process continues. Interweaving layers seem to represent physical and spiritual planes. Almost a birth every time, and, somewhere in the process, almost a death”.

  I’m all tingly now.

“Someone Like You” will like this

Margaret Glew Abstract Oil on Canvas at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Someone like me loves this 48 inch by 48 inch “Someone Like You” original oil on canvas by Margaret Glew.  She’s a Toronto artist who has been showing her layered abstracts in dissonant colour palettes at Engine Gallery and has been shown at PARCA in New York.

This summer’s new Moroccan inspired colour trend  uses coral, pinks, fushias, mauves and reds together and like this painting,  it really gets me excited.

Take one boring camel couch and load it with pillows in these great tones.  Having “just said no to pink” when I was 12 yrs old has held me back from using it in my decor till now ( just a few years later).

I know Richard would be mortified if I suggested matching throw pillows to your art or worse buying art because the colours are on trend.  So I’m doing this while he is in Montreal for the weekend.