Tour Time!


Fall floral created by Richard Cadoret, owner/interior decorator at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Tomorrow is annual Port Hope House Tour day and for shops in the ‘hood, especially Glam Vintage & Moderne,  it’s “showtime”.

Richard Cadoret, Glam’s owner/interior decorator has created a welcoming window and floral for house “tourists” to enjoy.  He’s also “inviting”  all his display furnishings  “to leave”.

The savvy shopper knows this really means that he’s clearing all regular priced stock at 25% off and providing up to 50% off on items that won’t work in his upcoming “winter” vision.

Doors open at 10 am tomorrow.   Prepare to seize the savings.

photo 1-3

Glam Vintage & Moderne‘s store window celebrates the fall tour with a warm yellow Canadian made occasional chair accented with a glazed painting by Patrick St. Germain

Your Loft or Mine?

linen sofa against brick wall at Glam

Oil painting by Charlene Lynch at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I gotta say I am proud of my loft.  It’s what my friends call “a good hang”.  I think it looks put together but not in a contrived sort of way. Repetition of colour provides cohesiveness to the room and varying textures make it interesting.

In this vignette at Glam, Richard created a loft-like feeling. The tones of the 60’s styled Canadian made sofa marry well with the original oil painting and the vintage suitcase. The contrast of the clean tailored tufted sofa and simple suitcase showcase the warm brick wall backdrop and the russets and taupes in the oil painting.  The chartreuse toss cushions add the surprise hit of colour.

Tufted 60's influenced linen sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Sleek Kravet polyester silk sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I know you expected to see my loft here but that would mean I would have to tidy vacuum and dust on a day when company’s not coming and that’s “just not done”.

Curious Yellow

It’s time to break out of the cocoon you’ve been hiding in and investigate.

Loveseat, chair and ottoman grouping

Canadian made Grey Loveseat , Yellow Occasional Chair and Tufted Ottoman at Glam Vintage & Moderne

If you haven’t been out shopping lately you are missing one of spring’s great visceral experiences. Yellows ranging from “mellow” to “mustard” and the ultimate jolt “big yellow taxi” are popping out all over the decor scape.

Yellow Ottoman with button tufting

One of a Kind Tufted Canary Yellow Ottoman at Glam Vintage & Moderne

A good dose of live socialization ( will exercise your mind and give your texting thumbs a much-needed rest. Who knows what interesting conversation you could have about you and your decor?

happy faceGratify yourself instantly with a burst of yellow for your home and spread sunshine…

or just slip your new find into place  and toast another excellent decision.



Qualitative Pleasing

Sunglow Blinds at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Interior design and retailing can be gratifying when you buy the right products from reputable suppliers . Turns out the old axiom  ” You get what you pay for” is true.  “Quality doesn’t come cheap” and when you “buy something for nothing”  that’s usually what you have after a few uses.  When I was 25 I bought a pair of club chairs in a neutral ivory silk from a “high-end” furniture store…25 years later I sold them with the house…at least THEY  looked exactly the same.  Buying from respectable Canadian and international suppliers initially costs more but you save on maintenance and premature replacement.   Happy customers make Richard happy so he buys his upholstered goods from Toronto’s Statum Designs and Silva.

Wool Area Rugs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

His blinds come from Toronto manufacturer Sunglow and Chakra carpets are made in India with wool from New Zealand.  The provenance of his vintage finds may not be known but he makes sure you know where the kinks are.  After all, “love means never having to say you’re sorry”.

Men in Chairs

My partner is an adult…I think.  Yet when we go to grocery shop he jumps on the cart and rides it to the car and still balances our kitchen chairs on their 2 spindly swedish back legs.  Imagine my surprise when an even larger dinner guest did the same thing and cracked the chair’s flimsy little foreign back. Furthermore, my eclectic mix of dining chairs include the trendy french tolix ones and my bum is killing me.

Felicia Chair by Statum Designs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

I have been looking at Statum Designs high quality dining chairs but I love too many fabrics and have yet to narrow  it down to one.  Richard just brought this “Felicia chair” in which would be great for more traditional or transitional spaces as a head dining chair or an occasional chair.  I am looking for QUALITY and COMFORT.  Yes you pay more but you will never have to hear the embarrassing crack of wood-like material splitting over dinner.  Statum’s site says: “A combination of hardwood, softwood and engineered wood products are kiln dried or air dried to ensure the integrity of the frame. All critical joints are double dowelled, stapled or screwed and glued for maximum strength”.   I’M SOOOOO IN!

Jane’s Barry Chair

Jane Lockhart’s Barry Chair at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This chair should be called “Anne’s chair” because I covet it as do about 90% of Glam’s clients who have popped in over the past week.  Richard chose this “Absolute Rain” fabric from Jane Lockhart’s collection and we were thrilled to see how the (Canadian) upholsterer meticulously matched the stripe.

This Barry chair sits beautifully. Its lovely low arms make it easy to gracefully grab your cocktail or nibbles from a nearby side table. And it’s comfortable yet firm enough to make a ladylike exit..

Yellow…”Oh Yeah!”

Mustard Button Tufted and Studded Couch

This blog needs sound effects.  When I see this gorgeous mustard couch with bench style seat, button tufting and studding I feel like Ferris looking at his friend’s Dad’s Ferrari. This makes me forget what I said about the practicality of a sofa bed for that odd occasion where tipsy girlfriends need to sleep over.  This is from the award-winning Canadian designer Jane Lockhart’s new collection and is made by Glam’s new Torontonian supplier of upholstered sofas and chairs!   Of course it’s available in thousands of fabrics…but this one says “oh yeah!”

Resolutions are made to be Broken

As you know I resolved to buy the Whistler Ottoman that a single bed pulls out of so a tipsy girlfriend can sleep over.  Well you see Richard got another Canadian supplier of pull-outs and I decided to go with one of their fabulous sofa beds so that two tipsy girlfriends can sleep over.  The great price, quality, fabric, style and turnaround time had me at “hello”.

My New Sofa Bed