The Great Pumpkin

Silvery Pumpkin at Glam Vintage & Moderne

What makes this pumpkin great?

It’s not real…therefore it won’t deteriorate.  There will be no pressure to carve it or roast the slimy seeds inside it.  It transcends Halloween “seasonal” decor because its silvery finish takes it through to Christmas and adds that sparkle to your wintry tabletop decor.  Dust doesn’t show on it.  It comes in 2 sizes.


The Divine Boxing Event

Merry Christmas from Richard, Jen the Shopgirl and moi.  The Divine Boxing Day Event at Glam Vintage & Moderne started today with 50% off selected items including Saxon Chocolate which makes a great hostess gift any time of the year.  On December 26th the sale will be in full swing with up to 50% off almost everything Richard is tired of.  Lucky for us, his high energy personality thirsts for constant change.

The Divine Boxing Day Event

Add Colour Here

Art (that) Works

These gorgeous microfiber creamy white chairs could be a wash without the colourful canvas in the background and the punch of coordinated colours in the vintage cushion.  Bringing unexpected colour into the vignette keeps us interested. Introducing colour by accessorizing with vivid pillows, art, throws and art objects is cost-effective.  Savvy decorators usually put the bulk of their budget in quality neutral upholstered pieces and stay on trend by switching up the “details” .  Despite this,  I still want those red chairs for Christmas.  Thank-you Richard!

What Straight Men Really Want

1)   NOT to Shop.  Yes we can ply them with beer and supply personal shoppers, but if they had their druthers most would rather not shop.

2)  TO BUY A GIFT CARD.  This is practically foolproof.  His only options are first and foremost chosing the right store and secondly the right dollar amount.  The only mistake a guy could make is to purchase a gift card for essential needs like groceries or even worse, a gas card.   So here’s a suggestion:

Glam Gift Card

Ode to the “Hood”

PORT HOPE – Ontario Business Report has chosen Port Hope as one of ten Ontario towns to highlight in its Spotlight on Ten Ontario Historic Towns, recognizing Port Hope for having “one of the best and most complete nineteenth century commercial streetscapes in Ontario

If you have not been to visit “Glam Vintage & Moderne” and the rest of our “hood”, Christmas Shopping is a great excuse.  You may be skittish about inflicting your fabulous decor choices for someone on your list…don’t worry Richard will do it for you.  We have a “Glam Card” which works like a gift certificate towards anything in the store or on custom orders or colour consultations.

(All I want is a) Console for Christmas

Sawhorse Console with Reclaimed Marble Top

Because consoles are long a narrow and generally don’t provide storage underneath,  they are often used for display of objects d’art, florals or a pair of tall lamps.  Great in entrance halls, behind sofas and  even as a sideboard in a dining room.   Richard picked the vintage 42″ X 18″, 1930’s piece below up at auction.  At right,   Richard demonstrates how to use the console he designed as a sideboard.

Vintage 1930's Wrought Iron Console

Bubbly and Bites under the Moonlight

Tonight Glam Vintage & Moderne celebrates  “Moonlight Madness” with our local customers.  We’ll ply you with a little bubbly and some divine nibbles a la Queenies (The Port Hope French Bakery) and Richard will provide lots of free design advice.

Our new amazing line of Saxon chocolates has arrived just in time for your next hostess gift.  How about some chocolate dipped fruit, enrobed marshmallows or a chocolate fondue set for 2?   Santa’s probably awfully tired of resting with milk and cookies.  How about chocolate and a new chair?

Breakfront Laden with Saxon Chocolates