The 4 C’s of Living Rooms that Work

Sofa, Area Rug and Coffee Table at Glam Vintage and Moderne

Sofa, Area Rug and Coffee Table at Glam Vintage and Moderne

  1. The first C is Couch.  Chose your sofa wisely.  A nice neutral shade will transcend the seasons and on-trend colour palettes.
  2. Since comfort is open to interpretation, Richard recommends visiting the manufacturer for a comfort test run before you order anything in custom fabrics or sizing.
  3. Your coffee table’s shape should optimize its’ usefulness in the room. Go for a glass top to maintain a spacious look and show what’s underneath.
  4. Amy Butler designed Chandra RugFinally it’s all about the carpet.  There is a  dizzying array of moderately priced quality wool area rugs available.  With neutrals surrounding it and a glass-topped table above it,  here’s your chance to be brave, carpe diem, live on the edge, gather ye rosebuds.  become the master of your domain.


Functioning Organics

Steel Reinforced Rattan

Steel Reinforced Rattan and Steel Garden Spheres at Glam Vintage & Moderne

You or your feet or a tray of drinks can rest here.  You can’t see the sturdy steel that’s been woven into these honey rattan pieces but they are virtually indestructible.  They are a nice organic contrast to a clean modern occasional chair or couch.  A cluster of two or three of these in different heights could replace a tired coffee table.


Steel Sphere on top of Urn

Urn Topped with Vine Stuffed Sphere

Richard placed the hinged steel spheres  next to the rattan pieces above.  The spheres were created to add interest to your garden. Vines can cling to them or they can be stuffed with moss and succulents and rested on top of an urn or stuffed with a candle or chandelier and suspended over your indoor/ outdoor dining table.

Chandelier in Sphere

Sphere Chandelier


Glimmering Guest Proof Coffee Table

Cabriole Coffee Table

Vintage Styled cabriolet Coffee Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

According to Style at Home in an article called “Size matters“, “the standard height for coffee tables is from 16 to 18 inches, but may go as high as 21 inches. A higher table is a smart choice if you entertain frequently so that guests don’t have to bend too much to set down their drinks”

I knew there was a reason I prefer taller coffee tables.

This one is large and high but because of the combination of bevelled glass with gilded walnut and antique metal finishes, it doesn’t appear to take up much space.  When the party heats up you’ll be glad to know that this glass top is double tempered in case wobbly guests bend down too much or just drop from a standing position.

Two Surfaces for the Price of One

Two Tiered Mirror and Glass Coffee Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

This coffee table has it all.  It has a mirrored top that reflects the objects on it and the light in the room.  It has a lower glass tier which can be used to stack mags and books that are not deemed worthy of top-level placement.

It’s size is generous at 28 wide X 38 long.  It’s height is perfect , almost 20 inches…a couple of inches higher than the old 18 inch standard.

If you like “bling”, the lustrous warm antiqued gold base is “the thing”.

And last but not least for those of us who need a “deal” to feel justified when making the purchase…it has 2 surfaces for the price of one.

Quest for “The Coffee Table” Continued

Distressed Wood Coffee Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne

So if you don’t like glass tops because you can see the dust in the sunlight and your room is not already overcrowded then this is “the coffee table”.  It has a small side drawer for hiding remotes and other unsightly objects.  The cerused wood in a driftwood colour works with all the popular shades of grey and taupe on trend for upholstery and walls.  Furthermore the distressing makes it basically maintenance free.  My partner is particularly happy with my purchases that are “pre-distressed”.  He can’t get blamed for what he might do to them.

The Dining, Coffee Table, Entryway Bench for the end of your Bed

What’s on trend right now is using a bench on one side of your dining table for seating.  Well I’d like to think I started this.

Jane Lockhart’s Walker Bench at Glam Vintage & Moderne

In my loft environment every piece has to do double duty.  There are only 2 of us here not counting the dog.  I have 4 new quality ($$$$) dining room chairs.  That means there are 2 too many most of the time.  Then I have a dinner party…usually at least 6 people. My entryway bench becomes seats 5 and 6.    This multitasker would be great as a coffee table with a tray or two on top  or you can put it at the end of your bed for excess throw pillows and a leg up for the dog.

Granger Bench by Jane Lockhart at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Retro Cool Coffee Table

Retro Smoked Glass Coffee Table at Glam Vintage & Moderne Port Hope

Something about smoked glass says made in the “70’s”.  This one is new but it sure gives a nod to the days of yore with clubs like Studio 54 in New York and Electric Circus in Toronto.  Too young to actually truly enjoy this period from the inside, Richard and I were content to hang out in the stairwell of a club and listen for blasts of disco music and catch glimpses of hipsters.

Now we can capture a little of this retro cool look in our own homes.  That’s good because I don’t think Richard will be taking a trip to “Funkytown” anytime soon.

Tables “Take Two”

Reworked Oak Coffee Table and Round Walnut Side Table

Why didn’t I think of that?  I was there when Richard purchased this perfectly scaled vintage oak coffee table.  He said “I’m going to paint it”.  My mind envisions the piece painted in putty colour then all in black and I am underwhelmed.  Dang it if Richard doesn’t think of sending it out to have the inset top lacquered in a soft black and voila!

Similarly, Richard reworked a rather simple round walnut side table and treated it to a mirrored top which he antiqued himself.  Once again …another splendid rejuvenation (that wasn’t my idea).