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Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne

Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne, Port Hope

Glam Vintage & Moderne’s store interior is truly eye-candy. Since it doesn’t look like we are going to be doing much patio lounging this summer, I suggest you familiarize yourself with this cozy indoor space.

Glam's Drapery, Cabinetry and Rugs

Glam’ Vintage & Moderne’s Drapery, Cabinetry and Rugs

Snuggle up on a sofa and chose from over 2000 fabrics for your new drapery, couch or chairs. Bring pictures and get a free in store consultation from Richard and meet the staff Catherine & Alissa.

glam staffAnd you thought you’d have to waste more time looking at on-line shoe sites again today.

How Much do you Love Mom?

$50 or under? (no need to lay it on thick… she’s into you)

under $50 gifts for mom

Gifts under $50 at Glam Vintage & Moderne

$100 or under? (she knows you manage to squeeze her in whenever you can)

pillows under $100

Pillows under $100 at Glam Vintage & Moderne

also under $100 pretty candle holders and diffusers (tasteful and useful)

under $100 mothers day gifts at Glam

Table decor under $100 at Glam Vintage & Moderne

$150 or under? (going bigger might make up for those infrequent visits)

under $150 for mom

Table decor under $150 at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Glam Gift Card

Glam Vintage & Moderne Gift Card

Cart Blanche!  Just kidding,  Glam will load it with whatever you can afford.

How about $125 for an hour in home consultation with Richard?  (Guaranteed to assuage any guilty thoughts of parental neglect)

Glam Card on Fabric

Pay it Forward with Richard

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

Most of us would like to believe we have some creative talent.  Many of us may not get to use the right side of our brain at our jobs so we unleash this stagnant beast on our homes.  DIY design can be costly.  Buying the wrong furniture is not something most of us can afford to do.  Kijiji and Craigslist shoppers are cheap AND selective AND they want free delivery (really)!

Richard listens at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Richard charges $225 per hour for his services and won’t charge you for travel  (within 100 Km of Port Hope) .  If you have not met him let me warn you… he is frenetic.  During that hour Richard can cover a lot of ground.  Colour, furniture placement, window coverings, fixturing whatever your concerns.  Give him some background and he’ll show up equipped to get right to it.

Here’s an excerpt from a thank-you note he received:  “Your energy is inspiring and the speed with which you come up with ideas is amazing. (truth be told, it is also a little scary)”  “You came to my home, observed my lifestyle, listened to me and then went on to create the most beautiful living and dining rooms. You completely transformed my space. .”

An inexperienced observer sees everything in a picture; the experienced one sees even the things that are missing.

— Rastko Ciric

One more piece of advice from me (chauffeur/assistant):  Don’t bother making him coffee…he never gets around to drinking it.

Virtually Glam

Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne

On-line shoppers miss the sensory experience of being in a store.  They can’t hear the retro lounge music or smell the rosemary and thyme candles.  They can’t catch that vintage piece that just arrived.  They aren’t there to overhear amusing local gossip or hear Richard exclaiming that this “would be fabulous in your home darling”.  They can’t even enjoy a cup of coffee while sifting through drapery or upholstery fabric.  There’s nothing wrong with shopping on-line when you are buying widgets but when it comes to  interiors, one really has to see and feel the quality and level of service.   .

Ode to the “Hood”

PORT HOPE – Ontario Business Report has chosen Port Hope as one of ten Ontario towns to highlight in its Spotlight on Ten Ontario Historic Towns, recognizing Port Hope for having “one of the best and most complete nineteenth century commercial streetscapes in Ontario

If you have not been to visit “Glam Vintage & Moderne” and the rest of our “hood”, Christmas Shopping is a great excuse.  You may be skittish about inflicting your fabulous decor choices for someone on your list…don’t worry Richard will do it for you.  We have a “Glam Card” which works like a gift certificate towards anything in the store or on custom orders or colour consultations.

Beautify with a Compact Colour Kit

When choosing a colour palette many of us need professional help because we don’t really know where to start, what to do and what to focus on. Furthermore once we’ve selected our wall colour our recollection of the “actual” colour fades.  We think we know it’s “taupe”…but some taupes are “green” others are “pink” and we make costly purchasing errors relying on our mind’s eye.

Richard provides his clients with a “compact” colour kit which fits easily into handbags and wallets.  He stores their chosen colour and fabric swatches in a business card sheath so they’re easy to refer to. With this in hand, succumb with confidence when that one of a kind vintage paisley piece says “buy me now”!