Sartorial Versus Snuggie

Tailored Linen Sofa from Statum Designs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Some clients want their couch to be a big enveloping soft plush bosom they can flop into…not unlike a backwards “snuggie”.

Others appreciate the sleek lines of tailored linen on firmer cushioning.   The couch is still comfortable but not like a cocoon that is hard to get out of.  Richard encourages clients to actually test drive their sofa and chair choices by going to his Toronto manufacturer for a “seat or a flop”.

Fabric Selection at Statum Designs

Whether you are lying down or eating popcorn on your sofa, worry not as most fabrics are actually polyester that you can spot clean with mild detergent.  Problem for most of us is “the paralysis caused by being faced with a decision to choose one of literally thousands of fabrics” also known as “becoming overwhelmed”.USE Richard (like I do) to help chose the fabric, once you have put the biggest decision “behind” you.


Recipe for a Sweet Neat Seat

Sylvie Loveseat

No adjustments are required when you’ve got only one bench style cushion on your loveseat or sofa.  I’m no neat freak but seating can look messy when seat cushions are out of alignment.  This comfy contemporary design melds the best of several different period looks to create a funky piece that could work almost anywhere. Take a classic camel back, flare the arms, lower the leg and voila…one sweet neat seat.  As they say in the South… “well butter my buns and call me a biscuit!”