Girls Just Wanna Be “Done”

I have been admiring these new industrial look pendants at Glam for the past couple of weeks.  My space..or should I say “our” space is a new build.  My partner the artisan/ builder/ envisioned a clean space…pot lights only…no obstructed views through our kitchen’s glass doors into the garden.  Just before he completed the ceiling…against his better judgement, he caved and put an outlet in the ceiling “just in case” we find a pendant might be appropriate in the future.

The pendant would hang above a stainless island surrounded by vintage bar stools.  This pendant actually has a lens in it so you don’t look up at a bare bulb. It comes with coordinating rods that cover the electrical cable.

It’s been a few years and my partner has “moved on”, by this I mean he’s very busy working on another space for us which I call “contemporary cottage cool”.  At times like this I wish I was not afraid of electricity and high ladders and also that I didn’t have to resort to writing this blog to nudge him into submission.

Ah pretty please….

What’s Better than Funky Fabric?

Spunky Area Rugs available at GLAM

Bring your interiors up to date with area rugs spun in contemporary colour ways and patterns that add a splash of colour and detail to an otherwise neutral room.  Designers and decorators including Richard often favour adding elements with “2012” pop by replacing time worn fabric on pillows and dusty ’90’s accessories.  A new area rug can also introduce some “2012” spunk and makeover a room even on a modest blogger’s budget.

Recipe for a Sweet Neat Seat

Sylvie Loveseat

No adjustments are required when you’ve got only one bench style cushion on your loveseat or sofa.  I’m no neat freak but seating can look messy when seat cushions are out of alignment.  This comfy contemporary design melds the best of several different period looks to create a funky piece that could work almost anywhere. Take a classic camel back, flare the arms, lower the leg and voila…one sweet neat seat.  As they say in the South… “well butter my buns and call me a biscuit!”