The 4 C’s of Living Rooms that Work

Sofa, Area Rug and Coffee Table at Glam Vintage and Moderne

Sofa, Area Rug and Coffee Table at Glam Vintage and Moderne

  1. The first C is Couch.  Chose your sofa wisely.  A nice neutral shade will transcend the seasons and on-trend colour palettes.
  2. Since comfort is open to interpretation, Richard recommends visiting the manufacturer for a comfort test run before you order anything in custom fabrics or sizing.
  3. Your coffee table’s shape should optimize its’ usefulness in the room. Go for a glass top to maintain a spacious look and show what’s underneath.
  4. Amy Butler designed Chandra RugFinally it’s all about the carpet.  There is a  dizzying array of moderately priced quality wool area rugs available.  With neutrals surrounding it and a glass-topped table above it,  here’s your chance to be brave, carpe diem, live on the edge, gather ye rosebuds.  become the master of your domain.


What Men Want

Fathers Day is tomorrow and many of us are still searching for that perfect present…the one that shows how much you care because you hit the nail right on the head.  Many of us think power tools are the answer.  Others say it with a bottle of booze or cologne.  I’m with Maslow, I think what most men really want are to have their basic needs fulfilled.  Among these needs are breathing, food, water, sex and sleep.   To most men breathing comes naturally and a BBQ is imminent.

Battery Operated Candles

Reallite Battery Operated Candles at Glam Vintage & Moderne

To ensure ALL of your Dad’s or husband’s basic needs are met,  how about a  little mood inducing worry-free candlelight?

Bedding at Glam Spring 13

Upholstered Headboard and Bradshaw Bedding at Glam Vintage & Moderne


Richard and niece Charosomewhere to catch a few Z’s after the BBQ?

Sartorial Versus Snuggie

Tailored Linen Sofa from Statum Designs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Some clients want their couch to be a big enveloping soft plush bosom they can flop into…not unlike a backwards “snuggie”.

Others appreciate the sleek lines of tailored linen on firmer cushioning.   The couch is still comfortable but not like a cocoon that is hard to get out of.  Richard encourages clients to actually test drive their sofa and chair choices by going to his Toronto manufacturer for a “seat or a flop”.

Fabric Selection at Statum Designs

Whether you are lying down or eating popcorn on your sofa, worry not as most fabrics are actually polyester that you can spot clean with mild detergent.  Problem for most of us is “the paralysis caused by being faced with a decision to choose one of literally thousands of fabrics” also known as “becoming overwhelmed”.USE Richard (like I do) to help chose the fabric, once you have put the biggest decision “behind” you.

Elegant Fido Friendly Sofa

Sleek Pet Friendly Sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

For most of us,  Fido is our main consideration when chosing an upholstery fabric.  We don’t want whites or pastels in case the dog jumps up on it.  We don’t want nubby fabric in case little claws fray it.    Leather and final can be slit or pierced.  Ideally it should be something you can wipe a spot off of.  Well…here it is.  This glamorous unique material looks and behaves sort of like “skin”.  It leaves no impression when paws walk on it and can be wiped clean (if you can find the dirt) because it’s polyester and  a neutral taupe.  The slick sofa styling also features a very comfortable bench seat cushion which is difficult for Fido to scatter when hiding treats.  With this sofa, dog parenting can be very rewarding.

Symmetrical Sofas

A Couple of Couches

Here’s a look that has worked for everyone in my family.  My mom and dad have it,  Richard did it in his last place and here it is in mine.   This “couch mirroring” works because it’s clean and minimal.  Armless or lower armed sofas work best.  Purchasing a “couple of couches” eliminates the need to find the right 2 chairs to place across from just one sofa.  This pairing also averts the risk of overcontributing to the hodge podge of bits of furniture you may already have going on.  And it’s functional!   It can work in small spaces too… Glam’s Canadian manufacturer Statum produces this design in various custom lengths and fabrics.

Yellow…”Oh Yeah!”

Mustard Button Tufted and Studded Couch

This blog needs sound effects.  When I see this gorgeous mustard couch with bench style seat, button tufting and studding I feel like Ferris looking at his friend’s Dad’s Ferrari. This makes me forget what I said about the practicality of a sofa bed for that odd occasion where tipsy girlfriends need to sleep over.  This is from the award-winning Canadian designer Jane Lockhart’s new collection and is made by Glam’s new Torontonian supplier of upholstered sofas and chairs!   Of course it’s available in thousands of fabrics…but this one says “oh yeah!”