Put up your “Monkey Fists”

Knot Doorstop at Glam Vintage & Moderne

When customers came in looking for monkey fists, Richard almost sent them to another store that seems to have a penchant for all things monkey related.  Fortunately the customer spotted the knot doorstops and said…”Great you still have them!”

According to  Wikipedia,  “A monkey’s fist or monkey paw is a type of knot, so named because it looks somewhat like a small bunched fist/paw. It is tied at the end of a rope to serve as a weight, making it easier to throw, and also as an ornamental knot. This type of weighted rope can be used as an improvised weapon…”

Fortunately, Richard did not increase the price upon realization that they are multifunctional.

Not Just a Full Length Mirror

Cheltenham Mirror

Cheltenham Mirror

Every home needs a full length mirror.  From college days  I fondly remember gazing into my vanity mirror standing on the edge of a bathtub trying to get a head-to-toe look at my entire ensemble.  We all know and abhor the clip up back of the door special available at all the big box stores.  Proudly  display  this gorgeous Cheltenham Mirror in any room in your traditional or contemporary digs.  It has a warm burnished stepped bevelled segmented frame that converts in from “just a full length mirror” to “wall art”.  It would sparkle at the end of a hallway, on a staircase landing, in your bedroom, bathroom or even in plain sight.

I Can See!

Tired of squinting across the kitchen to see that blurry digital timer on your microwave or oven?  Bothered by the sleep depriving glare from the clock radio on your bedside table?    Me too.  This large hammerd iron clock can be read by the severely myopic(moi).  Esthetically speaking,  it breaks up the monotony of pictures.  Perfect over a mantle but also great in context with other wall art and objects.

Hammered Iron Clock

For Half Price you get Half a Headboard

All upholstered headboards are not created equal.  At higher price points most of us comparison shop…even me.  I was startled to find one that was half the price of what Glam Vintage & Moderne offers.  On closer investigation I realized that it seemed much lower in height.  With today’s higher box springs and pillow top mattresses I need a minimum height of 54″ (Glam has 54, 60 & 73 inch heights) and the lower price one is a strip that is mounted to the wall just above the mattress. Quality headboards are about 3 inches thick and upholstered on both sides so they can be bolted to the bed frame or wall mounted.  Discount headboards have upholstered fronts and are really just flimsy wall mounted panels. Furthermore, details created with tacks, button tufting and piping are generally not prevalent in the discount variety.  Buyer Beware…..

Go big or go Collection

Michel Rostand Drawing Collection

Wall art needs to properly proportioned.  Many of us collect smallish framed water colours, photographs and oils and relegate them to the bathroom because it’s the only room where the scale works.  A collection with identical frames and matting presented in a classic grid form is intriguing and it’s scale works in large spaces.  If you want people to elevate your art appreciation status from novice to connoisseur,  present a collection by the same artist and take your “paint by numbers” down.

Original Portrait

The Pomegranate Pop

Pomegranate Occasional Chairs

Check any design mag or blog right now and you’ll see a lot of clean neutral rooms accentuated with splashes or hits of colour.  Currently persimmon is the favourite for this “pop” of colour followed by bright lilacs and pistachio greens.  But my heart belongs to “pomegranate”.  I squealed when I saw these delightful tone on tone occasionals.  Richard bought them at auction, recovered the cushions then colour matched the new paint perfectly.  Richard says he didn’t buy these for me for Christmas….te he

Ode to the “Hood”

PORT HOPE – Ontario Business Report has chosen Port Hope as one of ten Ontario towns to highlight in its Spotlight on Ten Ontario Historic Towns, recognizing Port Hope for having “one of the best and most complete nineteenth century commercial streetscapes in Ontario

If you have not been to visit “Glam Vintage & Moderne” and the rest of our “hood”, Christmas Shopping is a great excuse.  You may be skittish about inflicting your fabulous decor choices for someone on your list…don’t worry Richard will do it for you.  We have a “Glam Card” which works like a gift certificate towards anything in the store or on custom orders or colour consultations.

Grasscloth is Greener

Rich Birch Brown Grasscloth

Gourgeous Grasscloth is “eco-friendly” but not “DIY” friendly.  The good stuff is available through designers and decorators and is not pre-pasted.  Furthermore it’s quite stiff and unforgiving so paying extra for the professional installer is worth it.

The gorgeous texture of grasscloth can pull a room together which contains conflicting traditional and contemporary elements by providing a  distinctive backdrop.

Small is Beautiful

This cast away was brought back to life when Richard had it’s cushions re-stuffed, covered it in a taupe polyester twill and painted the wood with a co-ordinating taupe lacquer.  Proving once again that he can “see things as they can be”. This tidy little mid-century couch for two would slip comfortably into a traditional or contemporary decor.   .

Loveseat in Taupe Twill

Wonderful Windows

Compelling Christmas Window

Wonderful Christmas windows take us back to the captivating department store displays of our youth.  This white and silver themed windows glitter with vintage look Christmas baubles reflected in silvery mirrors and lamps.  Richard packs the GLAM window with an array of stunning sparkly decor to create an compelling explosion of light at night.