This Bench makes Sense

Charo on Teak Bench

Vintage Teak Bench with Double Cane Back at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Bench Seating for Extra Guests
Bench Seating for Extra Guests

Cane Backing on Teak BenchFrom day-to-day, this clean ebonized vintage bench is most at home in the front entry way, veranda, mud room garden room or patio.  The bonus is it’s availability for double duty in the kitchen when you’re up to entertaining guests # 5 and 6.

Let’s face it most of us entertain just one person at dinner every night.  Having your table set for 6 to 8 people looks like you are having a party and nobody showed.  If you’ve scaled back on your square footage you probably eliminated the redundant dining room.

I like having the flexibility of bench seating borrowed from another room for guests # 5 and 6.

If you want “them” as regulars add seat cushions.  If not …let sleeping dogs lie.

Richard’s Repro Rebirth

It doesn’t have to be “vintage” to slap a coat of paint on it and make it truly one of a kind.  It takes nerve (with a capital “B”) to do this when you have just purchased a brand new piece.  According to Richard, it was crying out for a little extra attention…not that this round solid oak table wasn’t great “before”.  It has a nice distressed birch/grey stain on it well in traditional, French country and transitional decor.

Richard had a gloss black stain rubbed into the top and now it’s spectacular, unique and available “exclusively” at Glam.

Solid Oak Dining Table Exclusively at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Duncan Fife for Condo or Cavern

Duncan Fife for EntryThis is the ideal table for those of you with that cavernous entry hall that commands a gorgeous round table resplendent with towering fresh florals or over the top objets d’art. …OR

Table for 4…perfect for small spaces. This one is vintage cherry wood with inlaid border trim.  Richard happened to have the perfect little pair of vintage chairs to match. That huge dining area needs to go when living in reduced square footage.  Besides aren’t buffets just a lot easier?

Duncan Fife

Duncan Fife Dining Table

Here’s to the “Server”!

Oak Sideboard is Ready to Serve

Over the holiday season remember “the server” is not you – it is that piece of furniture you’ve placed in your dining room also known as “the sideboard”.   Adding a countertop space like this and actually using it can cut down on time spent catering to guests.  If you are fussy about presentation and plating the food yourself do that…put the extra on the sideboard and let guests help themselves while you relax over that well deserved bottle of wine.( Hint –  store extra bottles in the bottom of the sideboard.)