Accent with Shimmer

Metallic Stamped Cushion available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Metallic Stamped Cushion on Chippendale Chair available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Metallic Stamped Cushion in Gold

Metallic Stamped Cushion on Leather Queen Anne Chair at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Transferring the same coloured metal accents throughout a room unifies it’s contents and creates a cohesive “designerly” look.

These pillows with the stamped metallic “Celtic” interlocking circle design come in a warm gold and a silver grey.  Toss them on a chair or sofa to brighten the room by adding  metallic gleam.

Buy the matching black-out drapery panels and “they’ll” think you hired a designer.

Richard Cadoret with new Metallic Drapes at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Richard Cadoret with new Metallic Drapes at Glam Vintage & Moderne


The Good, the Bad and the Dirty Decorating Words

Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne

Inside Glam Vintage & Moderne, Port Hope, On

Imagine having customers who have “bought in” to your complete concept or design.  They get the vision created specifically for them including specific fabrics for upholstery, coordinating paint colours and drapery, area rugs, lighting, and furniture.  As a show of good faith they have solidified the deal with a deposit i.e. $$ .

 Drapery, Area Rugs and Furniture at Glam Vintage & Moderne

A Glimpse at Interior Decorator Richard Cadoret’s Drapery, Area Rugs and Furniture at Glam Vintage & Moderne

The only things completely in the decorator’s control are paint colour, and items currently in the decorator’s inventory.  Backorder is a very bad word suppliers use to tell decorators that the item will be delayed.  Usually a guesstimated delivery date is provided.

The dirtiest of all words are “this item has been discontinued“.    The savvy decorator needs to convince the client that there are indeed better options and that the original vision is actually better with the new substituted product.

I am currently trying to convince myself that the 6 beautiful backordered chrome pendant lights (that I didn’t order immediately but rather delayed ordering until I needed them) are not actually really what I wanted and that there exists something better that is available now.  I am my worst (and only) client.  I need a professional….oh Richard?

The Drapery Rulebook

Drapery from the Urban

Drapery Panels available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

When is drapery required?  Furthermore is a blind also necessary? Should I “just say no to sheers”?  What fabric should the drapes be?

Drapery Fabrics

What header and hanging option would create the right mood for my room?

Tab back Hanging Option

Tab Back Hanging Option

Reverse Pleat Header

Reverse Pleat Header Option

Should the drapes brush the floor or pool to form a puddle?

After mastering this lingo the really difficult decisions need to be made and there is no rulebook.  And to think we haven’t even touched the subject of drapery hardware (that’s a whole other blog)!

Because of the many variables it’s a lot easier to start by looking at pret et porter (ready-made) drapery panels.  Richard is now representing 6 different suppliers and 3 create their panels in local Canadian workshops.  If you take some pics of your window and the room surrounding the window (i.e. put the window in context), Richard  will be glad to point you in the right direction and you’ll enjoy the trip.

After all, why learn a new lexicon now when you should be focusing on more important languages like the Italian you’ll need when you get that Tuscan villa?

Divine Insider Boxing Day Primer

Here’s the inside scoop on Glam’s Divine Boxing Event.  I’ll go through this item by item so you know what to focus on because most of the store is “on sale”

50% off all Christmas Decor and Clearance-  There are a few great decorations left but the centre table is sprinkled with some really great clearance stuff for next to nothing.

New Bedding and Bedskirt at Glam25% off in stock bedding- This high end quality line from Eastern Accents never goes on sale…you won’t see this again and Richard has some great in stock neutrals

20% off accessories – This would include those gorgeous aluminum bowls which make impressive wedding or anniversary gifts. Also lovely ceramic scent diffusers to make your home smell like a garden even if you own a large dog.  And of course the monkeyfist a stylish doorstop that works as a weapon in a pinch.

Diffusersmonkey fists

20% off custom furniture and window coverings and floor models. Here’s where you can save big.  All the custom stuff is never on sale at the same time so you can creat a custom room including sofa and drapery and save 20% on theWhite Leather Chair whole thing and or simply grab something off the floor.

Custom Blinds, Drapery & Sofa 1

Ceramic Yellow Lamp20% on all in stock light fixtures.  Richard just got loads of new lighting in and he’s got the mate for most the new lamps at the back.  Pendants and chandeliers are also inlcuded and they are all to die for.

15% on all area rugs including special orders.  The pricing is alreadyAmy Butler Chandra Rugs amazing on Glam’s selection of New Zealand wool area rugs.  You’ll be yelling “start the car” after the 15% off

10% off all reallite flameless candles.  As you know these are wonderful inside or out and will continue to be a bestseller throughout the summer. They will not harm you or your aging relatives, children or 4 legged friends.


Steal “Your” Inspiration

Amy Butler’s Chandra area rugs at Glam Vintage & Moderne

A great room starts with a great inspiration.  Where does your “spark” come from?

If you are “inspirationally challenged” why not steal a little from Amy Butler?  The artist/ designer travels the world to get her stimulation to create bold patterns in rich colour hues for wool area rug producer “Chandra”.

Treat one of her carpets as your “muse” then select wall colours, furniture and window treatments to coordinate .

My “Muse” Amy Butler/Chandra Rug available at Glam Vintage & Moderne

Drapery at Glam

I have got to stop taking my own advice…I will have to buy another house now.

My Dream Jane Lockhart Sofa at Glam Vintage & Moderne

“Featherbed” for the Walls

Condo Conundrum

French Linen Drapery in Port Hope Condo

Installing fabulous drapery over architecturally fabulous windows can be perilous…especially for Richard.  These gorgeously attired windows belong to a small luxury condo building in Port Hope that was a school in its previous life.   The view from these windows is a magical mixture of treetops, steeples, old houses and the lake.  If his installer hadn’t have been sick, Richard would not have discovered that there is another unit in this building available and he’d still be blissfully happy with his new condo in Port Hope (which he just moved into last week)…ah the perils of making life beautiful…

12 feet of French Linen Drapery

View from this Port Hope Condo

More than “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Grey friendly Drapery Panels

Is everyone painting their walls grey? Yes and here’s why.  Grey runs the gambit from warm to cool.  Grey’s can be taupish (a la greige), greenish, purplish or blueish.  So it’s an excellent neutral and the right grey can work with whatever you’ve got going on already.

Knowing this, Richard has added to his exciting collection of pret a porter drapery panels in various patterns, stripes and solids with one prominent theme…you guessed it GREY!

Grey Flocked Drapery Panel

Apparently there is a sequel to the book “Fifty  Shades of Grey” for those of you who are reading this looking for even more eroticism.  The best I can do is offer you the wonderfully tactile experience of running your fingers across this moorish design in a raised charcoal grey velvety flocking.